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Mission and Facts

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University of Medicine, Tirana



The University of Medicine, Tirana (UMT) (Albanian: Universiteti i Mjekësisë, Tiranë) is a public university of Medical Sciences, located in Tirana, and is one of the most important universities in the Republic of Albania. 

It was founded on January 23, 2013 and is a leading institution of higher education; it is a new path to public excellence in the studies of medical sciences with over 300 full-time academics and 8,448 students.

In its structure, UMT comprises 5 Faculties and 28 Departments, all of which undertake significant contributions in teaching and research. The quality of our teaching and the impact of our research are the milestones of our success. The degree courses at the University of Medicine, Tirana are designed to produce highly qualified professionals, with experience of medical research and specialisation, who will play key roles in the public needs of primary care in the Republic of Albania.

The University offers study programs in:

General Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Public Health, General Nursery, Baby Nursery, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Technician, Logopedy, Radiology, Geriatric studies.

The programs of study are divided in three levels of study:

    • 7 programs of Bachelor degree,


    • 3 programs of Integrated Master of Sciences,
    • 8 programs of Master of Sciences,
    • 8 programs of Master of Professional studies,


    • 36 programs of Medical Specialisation,
    • 18 programs of Doctoral studies.


UMT vision is to be a centre of excellence in the medical sciences in Albania, Balkan Region and European Union. For this reason UMT is fully committed in:

(i) education, teaching the today’s best practice in medicine and health science;

(ii) research, producing innovative knowledge in basic and clinical science through biomedical, behavioural and health services research;

(iii) patient care, providing human and skilled professionals of healthcare;

(iv) advancement, creating local, national, regional and global collaborations in education, healthcare and research for the furtherance of human health.


For 2016, UMT project plan foresees to:

(i) create rich and supportive educational environment, fortifying outstanding education programmes aimed to meet students needs and respond to the rapidly evolving demands and opportunities in medical science and health public policy;

(ii) provide excellent teaching staff, committed to produce skilled, compassionate, and caring students, most proficient in the science and art of medicine, dedicated to the ethical and social principles of the profession, and committed to a lifelong learning.

In order to undertake important challenges, UMT coperate with important institutions towards projects on Public Health and Medical Care and its primary interest is to develope new programs, provide trainings for academic staff and doctoral students and improve curricula's quality.





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