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  • The National Conference of Medical Sciences
    The"National Conference of Medical Sciences".
    successfully completed its meetings on 12.01.2014.
    This event was the recent product of knowledge
    and study of the University of Medicine, Tirana,
    conducted in the various areas of medical research.
Ministria e Arsimit dhe Sportit
Ministria e Shëndetësisë
Universiteti i Tiranës
Universiteti i Prishtinës
Universiteti i Kamerinos
Instituti Alb-Shkenca


University of Camerino, Italy
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Education and Sport
Institute Alb-Science
University of Tirana
University of Pristina, Kosovo


Regjistrohu ne portalin e Universitetit te Mjekesise Tirane duke plotesuar te dhenat e meposhtme.


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